Noxi Doxi Enhancing Serum Base


After receiving a sample in July’s Glossybox this serum from Noxi Doxi has become a firm favourite to keep my skin well moisturised and hydrated.

The Technical Bit

The CRC6® moisturising complex keeps your skin well moisturised while at the same time penetrating deep down to hydrate the skin cells. The serum offers all round protection due to the combination of an anti-inflammatory agent and essential antioxidant defending your skin against the harmful effects of the outside world.

The Fun Bit

The product instructions suggest applying in the morning and evening before your regular face cream, however as a creature of habit, I tend to keep my evening routine untouched. However, I do rely on this enhancing serum  every morning as the perfect moisturising base for my make-up.

It glides on leaving my skin hydrated and perfectly plumped, allowing for smooth application of foundation. After use my skin is soft, smooth and noticeably brighter, and a little goes a long way. An added bonus is that you can also use the serum on the eye contour.

The Noxi Doxi brand has established their expertise in detoxification and regeneration of the skin – and this product certainly lives up to its claims.

You can purchase the full size product for around £33.00 via the Noxi Doxi website or via the Glossybox website.

You can contact me via email: Or via any of my social media accounts. Keep in touch!




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