Pink Parcel Review – January 2016


After a frantic December, January is all about taking stock, looking where you are, where you want to be – not to mention detoxing after after all the recent excesses. The team at Pink Parcel have got us covered…

What’s in the Box?

Well apart from your usual selection of sanitary products – towels or tampons – it’s your personal preference, we get a whole host of items to make that ‘time of the month’ a little more bearable.

Notepads | Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Lovely

Every New Years begins with new stationery, so the lovely people at supplied us with us a set of tiny notepads. They are perfect for dropping in your handbag and jotting down your shopping lists, keeping track of your diet (it January we all start again) or your plans for world domination. They really are sweet. You can order additional notepads from Pink Parcel.

Twenty First Century Herbs | Skin Balm

This is new, a product made by experienced herbalists to combat dry skin conditions and eczema. Apparently 30% of women experience eczema flare-ups before their period – I know that pain  – so personally it’s a welcome addition to try instead of my usual steroid cream. The box also includes a £5.00 off voucher. More information can be found here.

Jealous Sweets | Fruitilicious

To help stave off our our craving for sweet treats Pink Parcel have included a box of Fruitilicious. These sweets are packed with vitamin C for a boost post party season, enjoy the flavours of peach, banana, strawberry and cherry. You can buy additional boxes here.

Kiss Cosmetics Kisstick | The Lady in  Red

We all know a new lippy can make the darkest of days seem a whole lot better. Pink Parcel have selected 9 of their favourite colours from Kiss Cosmetics. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and will keep your pout well hydrated as well. I received The Lady in Red, which is deep yet vibrant red colour, the colour  works well with my skin tones, so this is going straight in my make-up bag. For more information visit Kiss Cosmetics website.


These FabLittleBags take the anxiety of disposing of sanitary items when there is no bin. Simply open, pop it in, and seal. The clever little bags disguise odours and most importantly they’re environmentally friendly. You can buy additional bags from Waitrose.

The London Tea Club | Vanilla and Almond

It’s cold, wet and dark out there so why not curl up on the sofa with a cup of vanilla-scented room so tea, blended with golden calendula petals and sliced almonds. Sounds good doesn’t it? Apparently this tea tastes best with a dash of milk and a little brown sugar. I’ll let you know the verdict once I have tried it. If you want to know more visit the London Tea Club website.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder | Snowflake

Bellapierre shimmer powders are 100% pure mica powder providing vibrant long lasting colour. This month Pink Parcel have selected a seasonal colour in Snowflake. Blend as an eyeshadow along your brow bone or inner eye to make your eyes ‘pop’ or dust along your cheeks and use as a highlighter. Discover more about Bellapierre on their website.

Pip & Nut | Coconut Almond Butter

Spread it on your toast, or throw it into a smoothie for a high-protein hit. Pip & Nut butters embrace the nutritional qualities and ‘good fats’ nuts boast, leaving out the bad. Not being the most adventurous of folk, I’m ‘umming’ and ‘raring’ about this. I’ll keep you posted. But if this floats your boat you can find more information of their website.

Sass Refreshing Wipes

Over the past few month Pink Parcel have introduced us to a selection of items from the Sass range. This month we have received a pack of refreshing wipes, handy to keep with you to ensuring your lady bits are fresh, hydrated and moisturised during your time of the month. More information can be found on the Sass website.

Vichy | Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care

Time to feel really special – Vichy handpicked Pink Parcel subscribers to be the first in the UK to trial their brand new launch in the Normaderm range. This moisturiser has been developed to tackle those nasty hormonal blemishes that drop by to say hi at that time of the month. Clinical studies have shown that the complexion is visibly more even just 10 minutes after applying the cream. Could this be the answer we are all looking for? Vichy products are available at Boots.

That pretty much concludes the contents of this months Pink Parcel, in additional to your sanitary towels of tampons, you revive an additional 10 items, which is pretty good value for money, considering your first parcel can be bought for just £7.95. for more information visit the Pink Parcel website.

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