Glossybox Review – January 2016


Glossybox have boldly declared 2016 as “The Year of More” and this month’s box provides us with products that highlight things we should be doing more of; more TLC for our skin, more colour to pep up our everyday make-up, and discovering more new brands and products to make 2016 better.

Unani | Dermo Defense Face Mask

This face mask cares and protects the skin, keeping it nourished and hydrated while in turn removing impurities, perfect for sensitive skin and perfect for bringing a glow back to your skin during the the winter months. Use once a week to ensure your complexion stays hydrated and nourished. I will be testing this out of the coming weeks and I’ll keep you posted how this works on my sensitive skin.

Madara | Cellular Repair Serum

This clinically proven serum combines a cell repairing bio-complex alongside revitalising birch juice (a current buzz in the beauty world) to plump skin while boosting hydration and radiance – that’s the marketing blurb. On first application I was disappointed, my skin felt quite dry and uncomfortably taut after use, this combined with the insipid grey colour and strange fragrance haven’t yet endeared this product to me, lets see how I get on over the coming weeks.

Teeez Cosmetics | Oasis Gem Lipstick in Coral Onyx

This is a highly pigmented creamy coral shade with a rather pleasant satin matte finish. The lipstick has added coconut oil to keep lips soft and hydrated, it’s a great hue for adding a pop of colour to the dark winter months ahead.

Angele Paris | Red Nail Lacquer

To be honest you can’t go wrong with a classic red nail polish, it’s timeless, can be worn all year round, and looks fabulous with any outfit. This is a new brand to me, so I’m excited to give this a road test.

Glossybox | Eyeshadow in Mauve

Smokey purple is the shade of the season, so Glossybox have tapped into this trend to create their own exclusive satin eyeshadow. It’s a gorgeous deep smokey plum, very chic and very now, I love this colour.

Well that about wraps up my review of this month’s Glossybox, it a nice selection of skincare products to illuminate dull winter skin and a great selection of cosmetics to brighten up your make-up bag. To find out more victims the Glossybox website.

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