Cohorted Review – February 2016


I had mixed feelings when February’s  Cohorted box landed, there were some great brands included, but in shades I wouldn’t necessarily use on first glance. However, I decided to be brave and give everything a fair chance, and that’s the reason why this review is late.

Elemis | Pro Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks

I was pleased to see these, I have used them in the past and they work brilliantly. They are formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing an instant skin-tightening effect whilst hydrating the delicate eye area. Simple and easy to use, gently press gel side side over the eye area and 20 minutes later remove and admire the results. RRP £15.00

Bare Minerals | Pure Transformation Night Treatment

Now I have to admit this product has stumped me, I’m really not sure why to use and it it certainly hasn’t made any difference to my skin whilst I have been using it. The marketing material claims its proven to reduce the appearance of pores, improve luminosity and deliver increased cell turnover while you sleep. You apply the product to clean skin before you go to bed – weird I know – it doesn’t come off on pillows which is a bonus, but I’m not quite sure what it does,  even after 2 weeks of testing. I wake up each morning looking a bit grubby (it’s too dark a shade) and have to work to unclog my skin of this powder, I cannot see any visible results – perhaps my dry sensitive skin just doesn’t respond to its magic. RRP £45.00

Dove | Underarm Dark Mark Eraser

This was a replacement product as the Pixi crayon combo didn’t arrive at Cohorted HQ in time. A bit of a strange one in all honesty, I’ve never noticed my underarms being dark, so I can’t really put it to its real challenge – however I did use it as an underarm moisturiser and it does work nicely, skin was softer and less irritated after shaving so a win for a product I wasn’t expecting, but I probably wouldn’t go out a buy a replacement.

Cargo | Long Wear Lip Gloss in Rio

Initially I was a little taken aback by the colour of this lip gloss, but after trying I was suitably impressed – never judge a lip gloss by its packaging!  The bright orangey coral was no where near as bright once applied – phew! – the colour was more muted and added a great splash of colour to my days makeup. It glides on smoothly, it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky when applied and gives great colour coverage, which is buildable. It lasted quite well, from 7.00am through many cups of tea, right up to lunch time. I’ve been very impressed the Cargo products I have tried, great brand. RRP £10.00

Marc Jacobs | Lola

Now you’ll have to forgive this review, I’m not good with smells, I either like it or I don’t, I’m not adept at picking up the individual scents involved – oops. But I really do love this fragrance, on first spray it’s very floral – apparently that’s the fuchsia peony with touches of rose and geranium – once it settles on your skin you can detect a smooth vanilla musk fragrance. It is a great daytime perfume and it last really well, I had lots people asking what my new perfume was. I will definitely be investing in a bottle.

Chanel | Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Apparition

My first instinct when opening was “Wow! Chanel eyeshadow” quickly followed by “aww not a colour I would use” However I have found that is also works perfectly as a eyeliner. I often use a dark grey eyeliner pencil on my upper and lower lids, so I had nothing to lose. It worked fantastic, particularly on my upper lids, adding greater definition without being full on. The formula is spectacular it has a silky cream texture with a powdery aspect, it builds brilliantly and has a touch of shimmer. RRP £25.00

Well that just about covers my late review of the Cohorted beauty box, but I wanted to give a couple of the products a fair chance before I reviewed them. If you want to find out more on a Cohorted subscription, click here.

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One thought on “Cohorted Review – February 2016

  1. Lisa says:

    Like with all boxes they can be hit and miss. I think no matter the products cohorted always have better more valuable products than glossy box etc and even tho their cheaper at least you get loads for your money here. It’s a shame this wasn’t so good, I have had one of these boxes before and have March’s box on the way, I’m hoping for a good selection but I know there will probably be something I dislike. It’s a great way to try some brands or products you may of not tried before so I do like that aspect!


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