Candy Coat Review – March 2016


I was really excited to hear of this subscription box, I have a huge obsession with nail polish – I will never get close to using all the colours I have – but thought it would be rude not to give this a go, particularly as its a gel polish selection. I subscribed and eagerly awaited delivery, eek was not disappointed!

The packaging is super cute, and it just got better when I opened it, what an absolute joy to behold – so pretty – it includes gel polish, nail tools, lifestyle accessories, stationery and personalised candy which is a great touch and demonstrates the time, effort and passion that goes into these boxes.

Candy Coat | Gel Nail Varnish x 5

The box includes three shades of polish, a pretty candy pink shade, a fresh mint green shade, both perfect for the spring season and a classic bright red. Plus in this edition you get both a base coat and top coat to get you started – all you need is a UV/LED lamp to cure the gel and end up with perfectly manicured pinkies.


Nail Tools and Nail Art x 10 items

You can’t have a nail subscription box without tools, and the Candy Coat team have you covered. I received a nail brush, cuticle pusher, cuticle fork along with a glittering double sided nail file, perfect for getting your nails primed to perfection. In addition the box included a nail brush to neaten any polish mistakes complete with dotting tool to add that extra flair to your mani. To top it all off I also received a pot of pink glitter, purple beads, and crystals to glam up your nails, and two sets of nail art decals.

Accessories x 3 items

In addition to all the above I also received a personalised lollipop, such a lovely touch it makes the box feel all that more special, plus a pink candy pen and a pin badge.


Wow – I am totally hooked on this box, it gave so much more than I expected. A full selection of gel nail polish perfect for the season, a surprise personalised gift, lots of tools to perfect that mani – and its letterbox friendly. The love and attention to detail within the box certainly sets it apart from any other subscription I have, and to top it off, it’s fabulous value for money. To sign up visit the Candy Coat website, the April box will be available from 1st April. Click here.

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