My Little Box Review – March 2016


This month’s My Little Box embraces everything big, bubbly and bright, I really do love this box it gives you something different each month and its perfectly themed to make you smile.

My Little Beauty | Happy Hair Day Brush

Its amazing how many hairbrushes you own, but can’t find one when you need them, so this is a welcome addition to the collection, it makes a great change from the usual black and grey brushes I own, so maybe I’ll be able to find this one. RRP £13.00

My Little Beauty | Make-up Blender

This little blender is a dream to use, a little softer than some of the other brands on the market, it suits my skin better and blends my foundation to a completely flawless finish. If you are in any doubt how to get the best from your blender, the team have provided a foolproof guide in this month’s My Little World magazine. RRP £8.00


My Little Beauty | Bubble Blush Lip and Cheek Tint

This is a gorgeous pink colour, it has a creamy texture whilst not being too thick, it adds a natural dewy finish to your cheeks – just blend well and work quickly to avoid looking like Aunt Sally (gratuitous 80’s reference). I also love the colour on my lips, it applies really smoothly, and lasts quite well, a nice addition to my make-up bag. RRP £10.99

Huygens | Body Scrub

This body scrub is really good, it rivals my long term favourite from The Sanctuary Spa, skin feels silky smooth after use and it doesn’t strip skin of moisture as it exfoliates. The only downside for me is the smell, it has a sickly sweet citrus/honey smell which really puts off buying this product, another fragrance and I may be persuaded. RRP £10.99

Givenchy | Noir Couture Volume

I adore this mascara, the design of the brush coats every lash perfectly, it glides on effortlessly with no clumping, and lasts brilliantly all day without smudging or flaking. It really did make my lashes look longer, bolder and blacker, I was really impressed. RRP £25.00


As always My Little Box delivered a lots of smiles, it’s a very pretty pastel presentation, everything just looks gorgeous, and yet again a great selection of products. If you would like to subscribe visit their website. Click here.

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