L’Occitane Comforting Collection


I was having a bad skin episode when I decided to give this range a try. I often get eczema on my face, which aside from the fact it looks terrible, nothing you put on your skin helps, in fact most skincare and makeup makes it ten times worse. I came across this product range when reading a blog post by British Beauty Blogger, you can view her site here.

L’Occitane Shea Face Comforting Oil

I can honestly say that this is the first facial oil I have used that hasn’t felt heavy or left my skin feeling greasy. It goes on like a dream it has a fine silky texture and dry finish, it comforted and nourished my dry sensitive skin perfectly, even at its worst.

I use this once a day, before bedtime, followed by the soothing fluid and comforting cream, yes my skin really is that bad at times. Simply warm a few drops in the palm of your hands and gently massage into your skin.

Enriched with 5% Shea and marula oils it 100% natural formula helps the skin to regenerate strengthening the barrier function helping skin feel soft and supple.

L’Occitane Comforting Cleanser (not pictured)

This cleansing oil compliments the range perfectly it quickly removes make-up and impurities in one simple step, whilst helping to lock in the essential moisture your skin needs to look healthy and radiant.

I use this twice a day, my skin feels fresh and clean without feeling dry or taut after washing. The oil turns into an emulsion on contact with water, helping keep the skin hydrated. Again this oil is enriched with 5% Shea oil.

L’Occitane Soothing Fluid

This product is the new hero of my skincare regime – I literally cannot do without this soothing fluid, it is amazing. From first application my skin was soothed, it almost instantly felt softer and calmed.

It has been formulated for sensitive and damaged skin, which often suffers from tightness, redness and prickling or burning sensations. The exact symptoms I was looking to relieve! It contains natural, protective ingredients (rosehip and calendula) combined with 5% Shea butter, and helps to comfort, soothe and strengthen the skin.

I use this soothing fluid twice a day after cleansing and before moisturising, my skin feels amazing, looks healthy and radiant, I cannot recommend this product enough.

L’Occitane Ultra Rich Comforting Cream

I selected the ultra rich comforting cream as a quick fix for my extremely dry sensitive skin, and it didn’t let me down. It is formulated with 25% Shea butter ideal for the needs of dry to very dry sensitive skin types. Tightness is reduced and skin is nourished all day long – up to 72hrs according to the packaging.

I use this cream twice a day after the soothing fluid, I do tend to warm the cream a little before application, it then melts into you skin quicker and you tend to use less product.

My skin feels amazing since I have been using this range, within three days of use the difference was very noticeable, not only did my skin heal itself it felt softer and looked healthier. After a month of use my skin is silky smooth and looks radiant. If you do have problematic skin I would highly recommend this range, and top of the list would be the Soothing Fluid.

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My Little Box Review – February 2016


Yay! February’s My Little Box landed, slightly different from all my other subscriptions as it always themed and includes lifestyle gifts – always quirky and always fun to receive. This month’s themes was based around the home.

Photo Frame and Print

As always you are greeted with the trademark My Little Beauty print, this time it’s in it very own frame, you never know when you need a photo Frame! RRP £6.00

Cushion Cover

Next in the box was a lovely graphic print cushion cover, one side is covered in little triangles (bunting style) and the other side is blue with white polka dots, it’s a great little addition. The colours must appeal to my little bearded dragon Dobby, who always makes a beeline for that cushion. RRP £10.00

Polaar | Genuine Lapland Hand Cream

Firstly, the packaging is a dream with its silvery snowflake-flecked design it looks fabulous. The hand cream is wonderful, it’s non greasy and absorbs into to hands straight away leaving no residue just soft silky hands, perfect for the winter weather and ideal if you have extra dry hands. Winner! RRP £16.90

Noxi Doxi | Mask & Peel Perfection Éclat

Oh how I love Noxi Doxi, I was excited when this landed and it hasn’t disappointed. You can’t beat a good face mask to get your weekly beauty regime kickstarted, and this is perfect. If you are in a rush it can be used a face scrub to quickly buff away dull skin, or if you have extra time it can be used as a face mask to energise and refresh your skin. It does leave your skin looking refreshed and sparkling. Love it! RRP £24.90

My Little Beauty | Easy Morning Skin Perfecting Cream

The My Little Beauty range is always good, it’s a quality product without the hefty price tag. This month we received the Easy Morning Skin Perfecting Cream, is it gorgeous, it leaves your skin nourished and brightens dull complexions leaving skin baby soft. The secret, a hint of iridescent powder that leaves a soft shimmer to your skin giving you an illuminated glow. RRP £10.00

As always the beauty products come in a little drawstring pouch that always gets used again, and a 36 page magazine based around the contents and theme of the box. To find out more visit the My Little Box website.

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Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye Cream


I was really pleased to recieve a sample of The Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye cream in one of the YOU Beauty Discovery boxes. I use the face cream and it’s an absolute dream, so I had high hopes.

The Technical Bit

This product is specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes, it hydrates, brightens dark circles, reduces puffiness and smooths the look of fine lines.

How? I hear you ask…

Asian fruit extracts energise tired-looking eyes, algae extract brightens dark circles and reduces puffiness, and a yeast complex retexturises skin to smooth the look of fine lines. It is also formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

The Fun Bit

I have to be honest this cream really does live up to all the above claims, the skin around my eyes certainly looked brighter and smoother. The lightweight whipped formula glides on the skin beautifully, absorbs quickly and easily leaving no residue or  heavy feeling under the eye.

I have been looking for a light effective eye cream for a while and I believe I have finally found it! I love this brand, the products are fantastic, the are mid-range price wise but offer high-end results.

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Noxi Doxi Enhancing Serum Base


After receiving a sample in July’s Glossybox this serum from Noxi Doxi has become a firm favourite to keep my skin well moisturised and hydrated.

The Technical Bit

The CRC6® moisturising complex keeps your skin well moisturised while at the same time penetrating deep down to hydrate the skin cells. The serum offers all round protection due to the combination of an anti-inflammatory agent and essential antioxidant defending your skin against the harmful effects of the outside world.

The Fun Bit

The product instructions suggest applying in the morning and evening before your regular face cream, however as a creature of habit, I tend to keep my evening routine untouched. However, I do rely on this enhancing serum  every morning as the perfect moisturising base for my make-up.

It glides on leaving my skin hydrated and perfectly plumped, allowing for smooth application of foundation. After use my skin is soft, smooth and noticeably brighter, and a little goes a long way. An added bonus is that you can also use the serum on the eye contour.

The Noxi Doxi brand has established their expertise in detoxification and regeneration of the skin – and this product certainly lives up to its claims.

You can purchase the full size product for around £33.00 via the Noxi Doxi website or via the Glossybox website.

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It’s All New To Me…

It’s that time of the year when we all reflect on the past, the present and the future.

The happy times, the sad times, the regrets from the past and focus on our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.

Time for change

So with that in mind I finally decided to set up the blog I have been talking about doing for the past two years…

Being a natural born worrier I worry about everything…

  • What if no-one is interested in my ramblings?
  • What if no one reads it?
  • What if I get no followers?
  • What if my writings skills aren’t up to scratch?
  • I’m rubbish at photography, it will look crap

But after a long hard think, and busting a few demons, I have decided to give it a go, after all  I have nothing to lose.

This blog is my online diary where I can honestly review the things I enjoy, and if I can bring people along for the ride then that’s an added bonus!

Here I Go…

imageSo here I am, this is me…  “Hello, I’m Sarah and I’m a Beauty Box Addict”.

I’m eagerly awaiting my first box of 2016, but if I get bored waiting, you may get to meet my other love, my little bearded dragon called Dobby – he really is cute – honest!

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